SHARP workshop, LBNL Oct 8, 2014

CAMERA-SHARP real-time robust ptychographic imaging

S. Marchesini, D. Shapiro, H. Krishnan F. Maia, J. Sethian

Wed. Oct 8, 9 am-5 pm,  Building 80-room 234


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley CA.


By combining diffraction with microscopy and the computational power of GPUs, one can quickly turn high throughput "imaging by diffraction" techniques into the sharpest images ever produced.  Every scanning microscope can now add a parallel detector,  and every diffraction imaging instrument can add a scanning stage to take advantage of this disruptive technique. To sustain high throughput processing (~>TB/h) the CAMERA collaboration has recently released a software suite for high throughput real time ptychographic data analysis which is freely available* and open for collaborative development. The workshop is intended to be accessible to new users who wish to learn about ptychographic imaging analysis, as well as experienced scientists wishing to learn more about available analysis tools for real-time analysis of murky experimental data. Live demonstrations and tutorials of the software packages will be performed where possible to help new users.  We encourage participants to bring ptychographic data for demonstrations of the reconstruction process and to also present demonstrations of their own reconstruction methods.  The workshop will be organized as a few brief morning talks followed by a long interactive tutorial session.



              Intro: who is who and objectives


9:30 -10:30

                   Fast Scalable Methods for Ptychographic imaging (SM)

              Soft X ray ptychography (DS)

              Architecture (HK)

              Kernels and cxi file format (FM)



             (TBD),  Laura Schelhas, (SLAC)



            “Model-based Iterative Reconstruction Algorithms for Tomography - handling low dose, anomalous           and limited view data”  (TBD) Venket ALS



        ALS tour Nanosurveyor 





               Tutorial (SHARP documentation)



               Limits of ptychographic scan position correction A. Tripathi (ANL)



              "Ptychography Experiments and Software at Argonne" I. McNulty (ANL)



          PtychoLib, Y. Nashed (ANL)



         Closeout, data sharing,  feedback


Workshop Website:

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
1 Cyclotron Road
Berkeley, CA 94720