CAMERA Workshop: Algorithms for Tomographic Reconstruction: State-of-the-Art and Future Goals:

Nov. 9-11, 2016, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Organizers: D. Parkinson (ALS-CAMERA)

     This workshop will focus on the current state-of-the-art for tomographic reconstruction algorithms. The goal is to bring together users, practitioners, and developers to asses the current landscape of available algorithms, to investigate communalities and differences among the various techniques, and to discuss a range of topics, from required theoretical and algorithmic advancements on through to practical issues of implementation and deployment.

     We are bringing together developers and users of synchrotron tomography software. The workshop will have two kinds of talks:
   (1) Technical talks from developers to describe their current algorithms and capabilities, and their future potential.
   (2) Talks from users of tomography software to discuss successes and unmet needs, and to find common goals.

We plan to include ample time for discussion and hacking, with our software people available to help get software packages running on various computer systems at LBNL if developers so choose (including our high performance computer NERSC, our GPU clusters, and standard beefy workstations).  We are also happy to provide developers with access to a wide variety of challenging data sets--we have been archiving all raw data from the ALS hard X-ray tomography beamline for the past 5 years.

Invited Participants:

Dula Parkinson   CAMERA/LBNL

James Sethian  CAMERA/LBNL

Daniel Pelt  CAMERA/LBNL

Singanallur Venkatakrishnand  CAMERA/LBNL

Doga  Gursoy  APS/Argonne

WilliamScullin  Argonne

Francesco  De Carlo  APS/Argonne

Rafael  Vescovi  APS/Argonne

Alessandro  Mirone  ESRF

Matthias  Vogelgesang  KIT

Andreas Kopmann  KIT

Nghia Vogelgesang  Diamond

Valeriy Titarenko  Manchester

Cameron Kewish  Soleil

Eduardo Miqueles  LNLS

Kyle Champley  LLNL

Charles Bouman  Purdue

Yijin Liu  SSRL/SLAC

Peter Ercius  NCEM/LBNL

Ryan Crum  LLNL

WillemJanPalenstijn  Willem.Jan.Palenstijn@cwi.n  lCWI

Tekin Bicer  Argonne

Darren Thompson  CSIRO

Michael Sutherland  michael.sutherland@dmea.osd  .milDMEA

Rajmund  Mokso  MAX IV

AxelEkman  LBNL

Schedule of Talks:

     Coming Soon


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