Engaging with CAMERA

CAMERA is a broad, user-based effort embedded in the larger DOE community. There are many ways to get involved short- and long-term visitors, software code portals, tutorials and workshops,  all aimed at providing an open resource.


New projects are chosen with the help of the larger community and the Scientific Advisory Board: current members include:


  • Brian Toby: APS/ANL

  • Paul Zschack, NSLS-2, BNL

  • Britt Hedman, SSRL/SLAC

  • David Fritz, LCLS/SLAC

  • Howard Padmore, ALS/LBNL

  • Jeff Neaton, Molecular Foundry, LBNL





Engaging with CAMERA

Two of the most important ways to get involved with CAMERA are through proposing new projects and joining our efforts.   

CAMERA invites new projects which are poised to take advantage of new mathematical investigations and techniques required to analyze experimental and observational data generated by facilities and laboratories. Rather than take a single solution approach, CAMERA builds and exploits advanced algorithms from such diverse fields as theoretical and applied mathematics, statistical inference and sampling, machine learning, data filtering and reduction. 


These tools are applicable to a wide range of laboratory and experimental facilities, including those in physics,. biology, chemistry, and medicine.  Of particular interest are problems which involve synchrotron light sources and nanfabrication of materials. In the near term, we hope to build new projects which build on current expertise on new mathematics for crystallography and single particle imaging, image analysis and structure reconstruction, machine learning and chemical informatics, electronic structure methods.  CAMERA  both invites full proposals and provides support for workshops to help develop timely topics into full proposals.


To learn more about proposing new projects and/or workshops, and setting new directions for CAMERA, please contact camera@math.lbl.gov





Short-term Visitors

Employment Opportunities

Long-term Visitors

Proposing New Projects/Workshops



Joining CAMERA


CAMERA supports short-term visitors. Short-term visitors, typically on the order of days or weeks, can receive support to attend workshops, learn to use CAMERA software, help customize codes for application to their own data needs, and introduce new projects that are ripe for investigation.


 Contact information: camera@math.lbl.gov

CAMERA has positions available across a collection of disciplines to meet data analysis challenges. These include graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and staff scientists. Particularly valuable are cross-disciplinary skills blending combinations of such fields as


  • Applied mathematics, including statistics and machine learning.

  • Computational science.

  • Signal and image processing.

  • Scientific research at experimental facilities and laboratories.

  • Software engineering.



Contact information: camera@math.lbl.gov

CAMERA supports long-term visitors, typically on the order of months. These visitors engage in setting new directions, help create new mathematical algorithms, and collaborate on building new software.


Particularly welcome are postdocs and staff at other DOE facilities, who wish to create and steer our mission.


 Contact information: camera@math.lbl.gov