GISAXS: Examples

(a) Fast Fourier transformation of a low magnification SEM image of a PbS-TTFTA nanoparticle thin film. The original image is provided in the SI.  (b) Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) image of self assembled PbS-TTFTA nanoparticles. (c-f) Simulation and experimental GISAXS images (left and right panel, respectively) for PbS-Oleate (c, d) and PbS-TTFTA (e, f) thin films. Corresponding peaks are indicated by the same symbol. 

Comparison between experimental data, (a), (e), and simulated  2D GISAXS patterns of the first order reflection (b-d),(f-h). (a)-(d) correspond to the swollen state and (e)-(h) to the films after solvent removal.