November 28, 2018

Cover Article: Journal of Imaging: Improving Tomography Reconstruction Using Mixed-Scale Dense Neural Networks


November 20, 2018

Fluctuation X-ray Scattering Yields Greater Structural Detail than Conventional Solution Scattering


November 2, 2018

CRD Researchers Part of Team Honored with Klaus Halbach Award


October 2, 2018

Chan-Zuckerberg Biohub funds new research efforts, microbiome initiative


October 2, 2018

CAMERA's Dula Parkinson Creates Musical Description of Tomography Research


October 1, 2018

CAMERA Awarded $11.5 million to meet growing needs of DOE user facilities


September 24, 2018

At Biden Summit, CRD's Ushizima Discusses Using Machine Learning to Improve Cancer Detection


August 31, 2018

MetroMaps: Map-based Representations for Analyzing Optimization Solution Spaces


June 22, 2018

3D Localization of Nanoscale Battery Reactions


June 4, 2018

Berkeley Lab Paves the Way for Real-time Ptychographic Streaming


June 4, 2018

New Algorithm Enhances Ptychographic Image Reconstruction


May 2018

Acta Crystallogrica Section A: Cover Article: Partially Coherent Ptychography by Gradient Decomposition of the Probe


March 21, 2018

COSMIC Impact: Next-Gen X-Ray Microscopy Platform Now Operational

February 21, 2018

Berkeley Lab "Minimalist Machine Learning" Algorithms Analyze Images from Very Little Data


February 6,  2017

Applied Physics Letters: Cover Article: Near-edge X-ray refraction fine structure microscopy

February 3rd, 2017

Machine Learning Accurately Predicts Metallic Defects


November 3, 2017

SLAC, Berkeley Lab Researchers Prepare for Scientific Computing on the Exascale


October 21, 2017

International Team Reconstructs Nanoscale Virus Features from Correlations of Scattered X-rays

August 10, 2017

Berkeley's Lin Lin Receives 2017 DOE Early Career Award


July 21, 2017

New Berkeley Lab Algorithms Extract 3-D Biological Structure From Limited Data


July 5, 2017

Will Brain-Inspired Chips Make a Dent in Science's Big Data Problems?


June 29, 2017

CAMERA Members D.A. Shapiro and S. Marchesini part of team that wins 2016 Stephen Brunauer Award


June 21, 2017

Languir Cover Article: Accurate Characterization of the Pore Volume in Microporous Crystalline Materials


May 19, 2017

A Fresh Math Perspective Opens New Possibilities for Computational Chemistry


April 24, 2017

Recognition Software Drives Matches across Multiple Science Domains


February 28, 2017

GE Aviation Delves into Advanced Materials at the ALS

February 24, 2017

Berkeley's Lin Lin Awarded 2017 SIAG/CSER Early Career Prize


February 3, 2017

Machine Learning Method Accurately Predicts Metallic Defects


November 29,. 2016

CAMERA Workshop Tackles Tomographic Reconstruction

September 12, 2016

Berkeley Lab Hosts UK Scientific Technology Facilities Council


September 7, 2016

Berkeley Lab to Lead 5 Exascale Projects, Support 6 Others

August 10, 2016

SHARP: A "Killer App" for Ptychography

December 7, 2015

Director's Award for Exceptional Scientific Achievement for "The Development of X-Ray Microscopy at World Record Resolution: Team of Rich Celestre, David Kilcoyne, Stefano Marchesini, David Shapiro, Tolek Tyliszczak, Tony Warwick and Lee Yang

September 21, 2015

New Support for CAMERA to Develop Computational Mathematics for Experimental Facilities Research DOE grants $10.5M to expand the Center for Advanced Mathematics for Energy Research Applications (CAMERA)

September 14, 2018

Five CS Staff Honored with Director's Awards for Exceptional Achievement


August 3, 2015

New mathematics advances the frontier of macromolecular imaging

              (see also:




July 2015:

Research helps identify relevant science concealed in large image data sets


May 06, 2015:

CRD's Daniela Ushizima Receives DOE Early Career Award: 5-Year Project Aimed at Finding Hidden Info in Images from Experiments

Berkeley Lab Researchers Receive DOE Early Career Research Awards


April 15, 2015:

HPC User Forum 2015: from rock science to cervical cells



January 22, 2015

Record Setting Microscopy Illuminates Energy Storage Materials


Sep 15, 2014
Advanced Light Source Sets Microscopy Record


Sept 15, 2014

Adapting Materials Sciences Algorithms for Cancer Screening Leads to Award for Berkeley Lab Researcher (video is part of National Lab Day)


Aug 10, 2014:
CAMERA's research awarded by the American Chemical Society


July 18, 2014:

CAMERA's members are named BIDS Data Science Fellows 



June 8, 2014:

SLAC celebrates 10 years of the shrink-wrap algorithm, used to analyze data from X-ray laser sources worldwide
(The lead author of Shrink Wrap was CAMERA's S. Marchesini)

March 17, 2014:

Scientists Take Visitors on a Virtual Tour of Foundry, ALS, and NCEM 


Feb 14, 2014:

Scientists Take Visitors on a Virtual Tour of Foundry, ALS, and NCEM


January 14,2014

Berkeley Lab Mathematicians Develop Framework for Nanocrystallography AnalysisN