High Performance Algorithms, Software, Workflows, and Visualization for Synchrotrons

Alexander Hexemer, Dula Parkinson, David Shapiro, Alastair MacDowell (ALS-LBNL), Craig Tull (CRD-LBNL)


Tues. Oct 7, 2014, 1:45PM-5 PM. Wed. Oct.8, 2015,: 9AM-5PM 


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley CA.


Beamlines require robust, high performance software for analysis and visualization. This need is driven byhigh data rates and volumes, and by dynamic experiments where researchers must have feedback during beamtime. A flexible and highly customizable work flow framework could be used across many beamlines and synchrotrons. Beamline scientists and the user community could leverage this framework, making it significantly easier for them to provide high performance analysis tools to general users. This workshop will investigate the current state of the art in workflow, analysis, and visualization tools.


Tues, Oct. 7:


      1:30-2:45, Panel on software tools for scientific communities, moderated by Hari Krishnan, LBNL

                         Panelists include: Oliver Ruebel (OpenMSI), Sarah Poon (KBase),

                         Dan Gunter (Materials Project),  Rollin Thomas (Dark Energy Survey),

                         Hari Krishnan (VisIt, ALS SPOT Suite).


       2:45-3:10, Mathieu Doucet, ORNL


       3:10-3:20, break


       3:20 Joint Session with Detector Worskhop "Better Detectors for ALS--Today and Tomorrow"


       3:20-3:30, Introduction to the joint session, Peter Denes


       3:30-3:50, David Shapiro, LBNL


       3:50-4:15, Ian Johnson, LBNL, "Moving processing closer to the detector"


       4:15-4:40, Amedeo Perazzo, SLAC, "LCLS Data Systems"


       4:40-5:00, Discussion



Wed, Oct. 8:


           9:00-9:40, Kerstin Kleese van Dam, PNNL


       9:40-10:20, Craig Tull, LBNL


        10:20-10:45, break


        10:45-11:10, Dinesh Kumar, LBNL


         11:10-11:50, Bob Dalesio, BNL


        12:00-1:30, lunch


        1:30-1:50, Dula Parkinson, LBNL


        1:50-2:05, Venkat Singanallur, LBNL, "Model Based Iterative Reconstruction for

               Synchrotron Tomography"


         2:05-2:20, Alexander Hexemer


         2:20-2:35, Jeff Donatelli


           2:35-2:55, Joel Bernier, LLNL, "HEXRD: an open source analysis suite for WAXS data"


           2:55, Discussion and wrapup



Workshop website:

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
1 Cyclotron Road
Berkeley, CA 94720